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"I think there is no world without theatre"         -Edward Bond

The play is set the morning after the death of two brothers, both having killed each other in battle. The King of the city of Thebes is Creon, who has decreed that only one of the brothers will be given an honoured burial, the other would have his carcass laid out to be picked at by the dogs and the birds.
Antigone, the sister of the two brothers (and, incidentally, the daughter of Oedipus, who famously married his own mother), disobeys the king, believing that no mortal should have the right to tell her what she can and can’t do with her own brother’s body. She feels that it may be law in the city, but she is serving a higher law of the gods.
Antigone is a great character to re-interpret, as she bravely stands up to the king for what she believes to be right, even though she faces certain death for disobeying the king. Although she faces her doom, she does so without fear, as she passionately believes that she is obeying a higher power.
Although the play is nearly 16 centuries old, certain themes such as money, power, and the arrogance of the state, still ring true in modern society.
See a sample here.

Room #10
An original play, set over three nights in a central London hotel room. Room #10 explores what happens behind closed doors when people are taken out of their normal lives, anonymous and away from home. 
The first section of the play is a comedy, telling the story of two men on a business trip, one gay, and one straight. A booking mix-up means that the two men are stuck in a room with a double-bed, a situation which prompts both men to re-think their prejudices. 
The second section is a tense drama, telling the story of a man denied custody of his pre-teen daughter, and who, in a moment of madness, takes her in the night, finding himself a fugitive, desperate to protect his daughter, while gradually accepting that his time with her is running out .
For the final section, I returned to comedy, based on a devout Catholic couple who finally give in to one another on their wedding night. 
You can read an extract here.  

I Think We're Out
An original play, based out of a small gay pub in rural England. A large asset management company are threatening to close the venue, unsettling the loyal patrons who see the pub as the heart of their community, a sanctuary in the small-minded, conservative town. 
Their only hope is Simon Spoon, an acquisition manager, who has been sent to negotiate contracts and oversee the purchase. There's a race against time before the sale is closed, for Simon and his new friends to return the pub to it's former glory to convince Simon's boss to continue to operate the venue as a gay pub. 
With the town council and other local businesses against them, Simon doesn't lose hope, and throws together a plan which he hopes will save the site. 
You can read an extract here

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