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A Debut Novel by Jason G. Long
Would you push yourself away, if you knew it would save the one you love? Or would you risk it all to be with them?
A "gay interest" story of love, obsession and addiction.
A gritty and dramatic story of stumbling upon an unlikely love in an unforgiving city. Mark is a troubled drug user and an alcoholic. He refuses to trust anyone until he meets Jake, a 17 year old uncomfortable in his own skin. 
Mark feels an obligation to look outside of his own sordid and hedonistic life and begins to win over the boy to whom he owes everything and nothing. 
Addiction and obsession bring two men of two generations and opposing backgrounds together, in a journey which will bind them together and tear them apart respectively. 
A novel about a different side of relationships. 


"Discovered Conflicted Men last night, read it all in one go and seriously, WOW. This book spoke in a profoundly deep, perhaps unusually truthful voice about a facet of relationships which is often avoided."

"There is what we call 'voice' that makes the story immediately (to me, anyway) more than just words on a page."

"Where do i begin...... a brilliant read!!! an actual eye opener, very well written. 3 main gay characters, their lives....linking together, becoming complex, Drugs playing a vital role. An ending to which actually got to me. - 10/10 ***** "

"Your book comes alive in the readers mind and the characters come to life in my imagination"

"Excellent read. Good first book from the author and hope to see some more from him over time. Interesting story following the lives of the 2 main characters over several years. Book full of emotion and personal tragedy. Well written."

"I discovered this book through Twitter, downloaded a preview and was instantly hooked. It centers around two young men, Mark, a successful writer, and Jake, a naive seventeen year old who has only recently 'come out of the closet'. The two gay men meet at a café in London's Soho district, and thus begins a highly interesting and well-developed relationship, as Mark introduces Jake to his somewhat debauched lifestyle amidst the London gay scene (which is recreated here skilfully by a writer who clearly has much experience of the area and its people). The novel's stand out feature is its characters, which are well-described, believable and complex. Oscar Wilde is an obvious influence here, with the relationship between Jake and Mark almost becoming a modern parallel to those found in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. Anyone who enjoys 'gay interest' novels is likely to find this book as unputdownable as I did."
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