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The Dark Shines

The Dark Shines explores the importance of living life with purpose, and how the meaning of fulfilment varies from person to person. No matter how close we are to death, nor how much we try to rationalise our lives, there really is no way to comprehend that which follows.
Jacob, the story’s narrator, is shaken by the death of somebody of an age so close to his own. Jacob’s experience of loss and grief is limited and he cannot help but to take the parting of his friend as a sign that he has a duty to not waste a second of the life that has been gifted to him. Jacob inadvertently becomes fond of a young man, but when the man goes missing, the meaning that Jacob had been searching for comes to him, but not in the form he imagined.
Penelope and Dominic have been married for many years, and up until the death of Tony, Penelope’s psychiatric patient, their marriage had been uneventful. Penelope and Dominic are both high-flyers; Dominic is a big player in one of London’s top technology companies, who takes it upon himself to develop innovative, but morally questionable ways to drive his industry forward. Penelope meanwhile, frustrated that she married the only person whose mind she cannot figure out, battles between doing what she knows is right, or for once following her own advice.
Martin and David are hit the hardest by Tony’s death. Tony had been their close friend for years, and they had never anticipated that his life would be so tragically cut short. Rumours that he took his own life place a huge amount of guilt on the couple which they don't feel resilient enough to cope with. It’s a disadvantage from which they, as a couple, may not recover. Their love allows them to put their own grief to one side to offer each other support, and as their wedding day approaches, it is their own personal journeys of grief-stricken self-discovery that reveals more about each other than they bargained for.
Tony’s parents, Derek and Joan have had a troubled marriage. We follow snapshots of their young lives leading up to the day that is fated to rip Derek’s life apart.
The Dark Shines is a collection of interwoven stories, exploring the light and shade that resides within us all.

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